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Request for Reconsideration of Material

  1. Per the Library Board, the reconsideration of material process is open to all citizens of Burleigh County as tax payers who fund the Library’s operations, as well as individuals who pay an annual fee for a current non-resident Library card.

  2. Do you live in Burleigh County or have a current non-resident library card?*
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  4. What do you feel the Library should do with this work?*
  5. Upon receipt of this form, the Library Director will examine the material in question, the issues raised and the circumstances involved, make a decision to remove or retain the material in question, and respond in writing to the complainant within two weeks of receipt, if possible.

    Should the complainant feel that the decision of the Director is not supported by the policy, the complainant may request a Library Board hearing by notifying the Library Director, who will make the necessary arrangements. Following the hearing, the decision of the Board will be final. Above all, the Library Board has as its concern fairness of such a hearing so as to protect the rights of all persons who are involved.

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