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Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library Board of Trustees Application for Appointment

  1. There are currently no Board openings, but you are welcome to submit the application and we will keep it on file.

    The Library Board of Trustees responsibilities include establishing the mission and vision for the Library, determining the policies that are implemented to govern the Library, hiring and evaluating the Library Director, advocating for the Library, and overseeing the finances of the Library. Board Trustees are volunteer positions, must be residents of Bismarck, and are appointed by the City Commission under authority of state statute. Board Trustees may serve for no more than two consecutive 3-year terms. 

    To apply for a Trustee position, interested individuals must submit this application, which will be reviewed by the Library Director and Board of Trustees. 

    Before filling out the application, review the Board Bylaws  and Board Trustee Orientation Guide.  

    Prospective Trustees must be aware of the following criteria. Trustees must:

    -Attend all Board meetings. 

    -Be genuinely interested in our Library and understand the importance of public libraries.

    -Be able to work with others to reach a common goal. 

    -Be open-minded, intellectually curious, in favor of the freedom to read and against censorship. 

    -Be able to withstand pressures and prejudice that would restrict or prevent equal library service to all. 

    -The Board approves Library policy; Library Administration creates and carries out policies.

    -The Board supervises and evaluates the Library Director; Library Administration supervises and evaluates Library employees.

    -The Board works with Library Administration to determine the mission and vision of the Library; Library Administration manages day-to-day operations of the Library, collection development, and Library services and programs.

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