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New Bookmobile Will Be Ready to Roll in Spring/Summer 2020

The Bismarck Library Foundation, Inc. is happy to announce a new Burleigh County Bookmobile will soon be rolling into town!

The Foundation helped raise more than its goal of $150,000 to pay for the construction of a new Bookmobile. The fundraising goal was achieved with the help of six grants, three business partnerships, a large contribution from a family estate, board member donations, money raised at the Art of Books fundraiser, and overall, donations from more than 287 individual and businesses. This campaign is being funded by people who love the Bookmobile and want to see it continue doing good work.

The MAGIC SCHOOL BUS level donors are as follows:

American Bank Center

Otto Bremer Trust

Sanford Community Relations on Behalf of Sanford Health

Tom and Frances Leach Foundation

Midco *In-Kind Gift of Advertisement Airtime

Sally Oremland Estate

The Burleigh County Bookmobile has served the residents of Burleigh County since 1975. The current library-on-wheels needs to be replaced from pulling in more than 129,000 miles of service and 20 years of use.

The new Bookmobile will have an approximate lifespan of 20 years and will be ready to roll by spring or summer 2020. We will invite you back to see the new Bookmobile as it arrives!

About the Bismarck Library Foundation, Inc.

The Bismarck Library Foundation, Inc. was established in 1975 to support the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library. Our mission is to enrich publicly-funded Library services by raising private funds to enhance collections, resources, and facilities.

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