Costume Contest

The Costume Contest will start at 2PM in Room A.  If you want to participate, please register using the links below. Registration will be open from April 1st through April 30th. You will be emailed when and where to meet prior to the start of the show for prejudging.

Costume Contest Registration Form (Individuals)

Costume Contest Registration Form (Groups)

Comic Con 2017

Comic Con Costume Contest Rules

  • The Costume Contest starts at 2pm on stage in Meeting Room A.
  • The costume parade will immediately follow the costume contest. Everyone is invited to join the parade.
  • Rules and guidelines set by the show apply at all times.
  • This is a family show. Please exercise good judgment. (PG-13).
  • Performances are not required but do your thing (if you want to).
  • Stage presence is important. Engage the judges and the audience.
  • HAVE FUN!!

Weapons Policy         

  • Antique Firearms (real guns) – Are not allowed
  • Firearm replicas (toy guns) – Are not allowed (except completely peace-bonded and approved per person)
  • Pikes and Halberds- Are not allowed 
  • Swords, Knives, Dirks & Daggers – Must be completely sheathed and peace-tied.   
  • Axes, Claymores & Maces – Are strongly discouraged but if you insist Axes must be sheathed and peace-tied. Claymores and Maces must be peace-tied to your person (strapped to your back, tied to your belt, etc.)  
  • Bow & Arrows – Arrows are not to be drawn at any time. Bows must be un-strung and arrows tied in to the quiver.
  • Walking sticks/Quarterstaffs – Are allowed


Sheath: a protective covering, usually of thick leather that protects the edge of the blade, the wearer and anyone near them from damage. The sheath must cover the entire blade, not just the tip.        

Peace-tied: the method of securing a weapon to the sheath, belt or body of the wearer.

No drawing of any weapon at any time (only exception - prior permission from Comic Con staff).